Small Moments


Karolina Strassmayer (alto saxophone)
Drori Mondlak (drums)
Cary DeNigris (guitar)
Ingmar Heller (bass)

Recorded at Bauer Studios in February 2013.


“This international quartet’s blend of consistent quality and adventurousness give it staying power. It is one of the most interesting small groups at work today.”

-Doug Ramsey, Rifftides – October 2013

“Alto saxophonist Karolina Strassmayer and drummer Drori Mondlak’s second release as co-leaders Small Moments is a collection of lean and gripping original compositions that the superlative quartet embellishes with their sophisticated and inventive spontaneity.”

– Hrayr Attarian, All About Jazz – September 2013

Performing their original compositions, KLARO! blends the romanticism of European classical and folk music and fuses it with the rhythmic fire and swing of the American jazz tradition together with the harmonic sophistication of contemporary improvised music.

About Small Moments

“After two years of touring and performing the music of our previous CD Joining Forces (2011), our desire was to keep our creative juices flowing. In early 2013 it was time to write new songs, gather our close musical friends, record, and take the new songs on the road. 

The songs are a collection of stories paying homage to the gods (“God of Wind”), to the wisdom of our ancestors (“Call of the Forefathers”), to the joy of collective creativity (“Three for All”), to the warmth and soft glow of the setting sun (“October Sun”), to a mother’s vision (“Heidi’s Dream”), to magic spells (“Ibex Incantation”), to the endurance of a person still standing tall after struggle (“Last One Standing”), and to the richness of the present moment (“Small Moments”). 
Our long-time collaborator, guitarist Cary DeNigris, once again contributed his virtuosity and originality. A new voice in KLARO!, bassist Ingmar Heller, laid down the groove with great warmth and feeling. 
During our tour in early 2013 we recorded Small Moments at the wonderful Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Recording all together in one room created the intimacy and connection of a live performance. Bauer Studios provided an incredible sounding room and the ideal setting to achieve a pristine sound on this recording. 

We dedicate our new CD Small Moments to the beauty of music and its enduring power to move the soul.” 

Drori Mondlak & Karolina Strassmayer


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